About LiquiGlide

Spun out of the Varanasi Lab at MIT, LiquiGlide has raised over $30 million and is working with leading, global companies in packaging, manufacturing and medical devices to commercialize the first-ever durable slippery coatings that will delight consumers, eliminate waste, and save lives.


Our mission is to fundamentally alter interfaces between liquids and solids to eliminate waste, save lives and enable a new engineering paradigm.


LiquiGlide’s technology was developed in the Varanasi Research Group laboratory at MIT. Dave Smith was a PhD student in Professor Kripa Varanasi’s lab, trying to solve the problem of methane hydrate build-ups in oil and gas pipelines by using liquid-impregnated, slippery surfaces. Seeing some success in this area, they began to think of other applications, including consumer goods and packaging applications.

In 2012, Dave created the iconic glass ketchup bottle video, which went viral, triggering thousands of inquiries from Consumer-packaged goods companies wanting to use LiquiGlide’s technology. Shortly following, Dave and Kripa founded LiquiGlide Inc., in the fall of 2012.


LiquiGlide is an exciting start-up led by seasoned industry and scientific professionals. Our team of passionate experts are driven by LiquiGlide’s mission to make an impact. We are a close-knit group of technology and business professionals working together to reach our goals and create real innovative solutions to our client’s stickiest problems.