On average, a new technology takes 7+ years to commercialize and become available in stores. However, when it comes to LiquiGlide, there is nothing typical or cookie cutter about it. In only our first year of operation, we’ve seen immense growth, far beyond the typical go-to-market trajectory for a new technology.

LiquiGlide grew from three employees to nearly 20 in its first year – we were bursting at our start-up seams. We currently have over 30 paying clients globally and we are currently in advanced licensing conversations, discussing exclusivity agreements for specific fields and market segments.

Our first commercialized coatings will be used in production processes to improve efficiency and reduce waste. We expect the first commercial products with LiquiGlide’s coatings to appear on store shelves in 2015. The first products with LiquiGlide’s coatings will likely be toothpaste, mayonnaise and lotion.

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